Networking, with a purpose.

CLiCS’ technology takes the guesswork out of creative formulation and inventory management, empowering your artistry and increasing your service potential. The on-demand app-based system connects you beyond the salon, tapping into capabilities from trend inspiration to inventory management.

Smart Sharing

  • Create and share favorite formulas, techniques and Insta trends with a national network of plugged-in colorists.
  • Enjoy on-demand access to brand resources 24/7.

Create More, Stress Less

  • With CLiCS’ unique auto replenishment system, there’s no need to manage costly and time-consuming excess inventory. When one of CLICS’ 28 color canisters runs low, the system will automatically request a replacement for you.
  • Never be out of a color that a client wants. With CLiCS, there are no last-minute trips to the professional store to prepare for tomorrow’s appointment.

Traditional Color

Wasted color


Formulation mistakes

Wasted packaging

Color choices



While 25% of traditional hair color is typically wasted, CLiCS measures hair color with exact precision, formulating exactly what you need.

With CLiCS, there’s no need to manage a large inventory of color tubes. The CLiCS dispenser houses reusable canisters with a huge range of shade options.

CLiCS takes human error out of the equation with computer-aided formulation and unparalleled precision.

No more color tubes filling landfills—CliCS hair color comes in reusable, refillable canisters with automated, factory-direct replenishment.

Expanded formulating options let you create any shade you can dream up.

When your client wants her color “just like last time,” now there’s a precise way to replicate it! CLiCS records each client’s formula so you can reformulate it the exact same way next time.